St. Francis Santa Lucia Kindergarden School

One of the latest houses opened by the congregation was that in Santa Lucija in 1970. It was the twentieth house inaugurated and from the beginning it had two Kindergarten classes. By time the Franciscans bought an adjacent house which they have developed into a small school. The nuns also gave their help in nearby parishes. At present, there are fifteen children who attend in Kindergarten One and twenty children in Kindergarten Two. These children are drawn by ballot at the Curia and enjoy diverse activities that are prepared in order to help them achieve the aims established in the national curriculum. As in the other schools, there is a nun in charge and the staff is made up of two Kindergarten Assistants and an LSA.

In 2010, these three kindergarten schools were annexed to St. Francis School Cospicua and thus, there is one Head of School for all four schools. The staff of the Kindergarten schools was integrated with the staff at Cospicua.



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